Thursday, February 13, 2014

New entry : asparagus foxtail fern, asparagus densifluros "meyersii"

This plant will always make me remember the old Manila Seedling Bank, destroyed to make way for a commercial highrise development. I saw my first foxtail fern specimen and other plants new to me in this area selling seedlings, plants and orchids. We only have a photo to show of this more compact asparagus densiflorus fern variety.

Plant/flower Asparagus Densiflorus "Meyersii"
Common Name Foxtail fern, plume asparagus
Photographer Ernesto Adorio
Location Old Manila Seedling Bank, Quezon City
Photo Date
Post Date February 13, 2014
Reference Wikipedia

This will be number 245 in our growing list of Known plants and flowers.

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