Plant/flower Kaempferia elegans
Common Name peacock ginger
Photographer Lyn Soler
Photo Date
Post Date June 1, 2014
Reference EPA blog Wikipedia(related species) StuartXchange
AcknowledgementID: RPR

Plant/flower Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Common Name Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe
Photographer Alicia Hafalla BaƱares
Location Baguio City
Camera Nikon D5100
Photo Date
Post Date February 3, 2014
Reference Wikipedia StuartXchange

Plant/flower Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 'double red'
Order/Family Saxifragales/Crassulaceae
Common Name Calandiva kalanchoe?
Photographer Vivian B. Vivian
Location Germany
Camera Nikon D3000
Post Date July 10, 2015
Reference Wikipedia StuartXchange
Index 1243

Plant/flower Kalanchoe laciniata (L.) DC.
Order/Family Saxifragales/Crassulaceae
Common Name Siempreviva, Christmas tree plant
Origin/DistributionAfrica/introduced, cultivated
Photographer Benigno S. Resurreccion
Location Misamis Oriental
Camera Nikon L830
Post Date September 28, 2014
Reference EOL: StuartXchange
Index 794

Plant/flower Kleinhovia hospita
Common Name Guest tree, tan-ag
Photographer Ella Bernales Jacildo
Location Pulapandan
Date January 20, 2014
Reference Wikipedia StuartXchange
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Given the name "Guest Tree" on account of this tree being host or residence of various epiphytes, lizards, and snakes in its natural habitat.

Uses: Bark and leaves as insecticide to head lice, leaves steeped in hot water for eyes wash, bark fiber for cordage, and wood for furnitures and fuel.

I first have mistaken it as the "banaba tree" but after looking at the shots of the flowers I got intrigued at the star-like pods. It took me long to stumble on the identity of this tree I found beside the Garcia's "Kapehan" near the plaza area in Pulupandan.

References: http://www.balinghasai-farms.info/tag/kleinhovia/ and http://www.proseanet.org/prosea/e-prosea_detail.php?frt&id=3021

Plant/flower Kopsia fruticosa A. DC.
Order/Family Gentianales/Apocynaceae
Common Name Pink kopsia
Origin/Distributionnative to China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Pacific islands/cultivated
Photographer Yvonne Mamaril Peralta
Location Panicsican, San Juan, La Union
Camera Samsung Galaxy Tab2 P-3100
Post Date September 19, 2014
Reference Wikipedia
Index 786
AcknowledgementID: Benigno Resurreccion

Plant/flower Kowloratia elegans Presl.
Synonym Alpinia elegans K. Schum, Alpinia gracilis (Blanco) Rolfe
Order/Family Zingiberales/Zingiberaceae,subfamily:Alpinioideae, Tribe:Alpinieae
Common Name tagbak, katotang
Photographer Ivanhoe Arcilla
Location Mandupa, Brgy Hicming, Virac, Catanduanes
Camera Canon D2100
Post Date December 21, 2015
Reference Stuartxhange
Index 1332
AcknowledgementSynonym (alpinia): Benigno S. Resurreccion

Plant/flower Kummerowia striata, Lespedeza striata
Order/Family Fabales/Fabaceae
Common Name Japanese Lespedeza; common lespedeza, japanese clover
Photographer Mario Molave Maravilla Delmendo
Location Ballogo, Banotan, La Union
Camera Sony DSC W800
Post Date July 27, 2014
Reference Wikipedia
Index 673

Has grown well in Eastern United States. Some consider this as a weed.

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